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HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services firms. The company serves almost 90 million customers through its four global businesses: Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking.

Scott Brown
Head of Global Banking & Markets IT Architecture HSBC

“In the world of finance and, specifically, hedge funds, fast access to data is a necessity. iFund more than met HSBC's needs, and Mercury Development was able to impressively meet our tight timelines and stay within budget. Great job!“


The Challenge

HSBC wanted a hedge fund app that would display relevant financial data to hedge fund managers. The company needed to develop a prototype to confirm the viability of the idea. Scott Brown, Head of Global Banking & Markets IT Architecture HSBC, contacted Mercury Development regarding creation of a custom iOS model. Impressed with their extensive mobile history and expertise, Brown hired them to complete a rapid prototyping phase. Mercury quickly landed on the concept of iFund, a best-in-class app that would retrieve and visualize hedge fund data.

Joshua Greenman
Co-founder and CEO, Mercury Development

“I’m tremendously impressed with the speed in which you were able to turn around such a polished demo. In fact, the alpha version was such a success that almost no changes were made for the final version!”


The Solution

Following a short round of discussions with Brown, Mercury rapidly advanced to the UI prototyping phase, creating two beta versions of the app to demonstrate the overall concepts. The prototypes provided the look and feel of the apps and clarified the vision of the hedge fund app to HSBC decision-makers. The final UI was selected and Mercury proceeded with development. A key step in the prototyping phase was simulation of the HSBC environment.

To meet that demand, Mercury created a test server with obfuscated test data. This task was achieved in a challenging timeframe and with minimal input from the customer. After three months of development, Mercury created the final version of iFund, a fully enabled iOS app that pulled hedge fund data and displayed it cleanly and intuitively to the user.

Notable features of the app include customizable line and pie chart controls using Mercury's Visual Framework, secure data transmission and optimization, and efficient data retrieval. Toward the end of the project's lifecycle, Mercury successfully integrated iFund with HSBC servers.

Mercury also realized cost efficiencies for HSBC because of the app's exceptional architecture and streamlined communication protocol.


The Result

The development of iFund highlights Mercury's unmatched ability to rapidly prototype a highly complex app featuring cutting edge visuals also capable of handling high loads of data.